KLIA Ekspres' Millionth Passenger Countdown

This pioneer occasion, currently still in operation, forms Express Rail Link (the concession company for the KLIA Ekspres)'s anchor event where Malaysia's first high-speed air-rail transfer captured the attention of the public with its media blitz on alluring prizes to reward patrons.

The grand prize of a 1.39-acre of bungalow land and a paid trip for two to Vienna, Austria, is awarded to the Millionth Passenger, while holidays abroad were given to every 50,000th passenger from the 800,000th mark. Meal vouchers in established dining establishments and rides on the KLIA Ekspres were part of the prizes for every 1,000th and 5,000th passenger.

This event requires close co-ordination of sponsors, publicity and service-related assistance in laying extensive groundwork that culminates to the selection of the Millionth Passenger, while leaving a trail of winners and prizes along the way.

Starting from the selection 800,000th passenger, every 50,000th passenger onwards won a prize, and each event received extensive media publicity, which included the national and vernacular press as well as aggressive broadcast over the air-waves.

Besides ensuring a consistent buildup of publicity for KLIA Ekspres, the members of the public are encouraged to participate in the parallel "Drop A Card and Win" contest, which runs simultaneously.

This contest is aimed at promoting awareness of the KL City Air Terminal from which the KLIA Ekspres operates. Prizes start from every 5,000th business card collected, which will receive vouchers at fine restaurants. National holidays are awarded for every denomination of 100,000 business card collected, and the grand prize for the 1 millionth business card obtained wins a holiday in Hong Kong plus RM10,000 cash.

Participation is made easy by strategically-placed boxes throughout the KL City Air Terminal.

These two events have already received well-rounded coverage in the national media, and are expected to boost the image of KL City Air Terminal and the KLIA Ekspres as the premier mode of airport-city transport.

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