Samsonite opened the doors of its spanking new Black Label boutique on the 1st floor of Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, 29 December 2005 to unveil more than just a range of merchandise from its premium brand, Black Label.

It also launched two new collections under the brand namely the Marc Newson's Scope and Vintage.

The former merges function with style. Created by acclaimed Australian designer Marc Newson, it is lightweight, functional but decidedly unconventional.

It takes traditional luggage to the next level with its unexpected shapes, futuristic technology and whimsical style. The collection, which include a backpack, two upright case, a duffle bag and shoulder bag, come in vibrant colours.

The latter, however, is designed for the romantic. An indulgent line, its glamorous and exquisite look will transport the traveler back to the 1930s and 40s.

Having successfully notched a reputation for quality and durability with its classic line of travel merchandise through the decades, it is timely that Samsonite has expanded to include lifestyle paraphernalia with the Black Label range in 1999.

Right from the word, 'fly', the Black Label luggage scaled right up to be in a league of its own. Designed in Italy, using natural leathers and made with the finest craftsmanship, they are symbols of luxurious style and allure.

Comprising small and light pieces for short trips and more spacious designs for longer journeys, they form part of the proud ensemble of clothes, bags and shoes within the range. The line exclusively typifies individuality and affluence.

With the boutique, Samsonite puts a definite stamp into premium travel as it offers the sophisticated traveler a wide but classic array of luxury products in a stand- alone outlet.

In his speech at the opening of the boutique, Samsonite's Mr Derrick Yeo, Managing Director of Samsonite Malaysia states that in keeping with its new tagline Life's A Journey, the brand is out to ensure their consumers travel with the sense of innovation, style and sophistication that are definitely Samsonite's.

Thursday's event, graced by Malaysia's celebrated model and icon of style and sophistication, Ms Amber Chia, opened with a speech by Samsonite's Mr Derrick Yeo before refreshments were served to the media and other honoured guests.

The highlight of the evening was the Black Label showcase followed by lucky draw for guests.

Samsonite reignites the luxury and adventure of travel with an updated identity and new 'celebrity traveller' advertising campaign
Strategy further elevates brand to appeal to the travel elite

20 September 2005 - For almost 100 years, Samsonite has been delivering quality travel goods to a mobile and ever-changing travel community. Under the recent new leadership of Marcello Bottoli, Chief Executive Officer, and new Global Creative Director, Quentin Mackay, Samsonite is focused on elevating the brand image further, to attract and retain the most discerning of up-scale travellers.

New and innovative product introductions will combine the quality craftsmanship, long known by Samsonite, with a fresh and leading fashion/style attitude, as consumers today expect quality, but seek unique design that is individual.

A new brand logo update and new print advertising campaign, featuring a series of high profile celebrity travellers, will further drive this message through a worldwide launch, beginning this month.

The original Samsonite logo encompassed the many facets of Samsonite products, services and influence, internationally. The new logo maintains these key attributes and qualities, but further focuses on the unique "swirl" as a solid expression of Samsonite's strengths and aspiration. This will only ensure that the logo is even more recognisable as the worldwide symbol of quality, innovation and outstanding design.

The celebrity traveller campaign will feature innovators in their fields like Sir Richard Branson (globe-trotting British entrepreneur and founder of Virgin), Marc Newson (acclaimed Australian designer) and Joaquin Cortes (world renowned Spanish flamenco dancer); amongst others who will be featured in the series.

"By creating an association between these celebrity influencers and the featured product lines, our new campaign projects an aspirational, yet highly credible image for the brand," says Marcello Bottoli. "The campaign concept of 'Life's a Journey', suggests that the experience of getting there makes life all the more rich and worthwhile, and Samsonite delivers the highly desirable, smartly designed, and more premium products to take along the way."

Developed by TBWA\Worldwide (via TBWA\Brussels), the new print campaign will appear around the world in high-end fashion, business and travel publications beginning this month (in Europe, Asia) and extending to other markets (including the Americas) shortly thereafter.

The campaign reflects a true international collaboration, beyond celebrity talent; the Richard Branson image was shot in both Wisconsin and in the Mojave Desert by Singaporean photographer, Clang; the Marc Newson image was created in Paris by Swedish photographer, Blaise Reutersward; and Joaquin Cortes will be shot in London with Israeli born/South African-bred photographer, Nadav Kander.

With an initial end-of-the-year, highly targeted and media investment of over US$10 million, combined with major public relations efforts in New York, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, as well as prominent in-store exposure at thousands of retailers worldwide, Samsonite will begin a very focused effort at driving up the aspirational image, and 'must have' status of the brand.

Samsonite Takes a New and Innovative Journey
New CEO and Global Creative Director Re-Launch Samsonite Black Label
Samsonite's premium, luxury line of products for the discriminating traveler

Samsonite, the worldwide leader in travel solutions, is on the brink of another new era in the company's illustrious history with a fast-growing new Chief Executive Officer, Marcello Bottoli, and a new Global Creative Director, Quentin Mackay. Both are dedicated to elevating the design and image of the brand.

Bottoli joined Samsonite as President and Chief Executive Officer in March 2004 after serving as Chairman of the Board and CEO of luxury goods brand, Louis Vuitton. "Samsonite is a company with a rich heritage and stellar reputation in the travel category," comments Bottoli. "I am excited by the prospect of leading Samsonite to an even more premium brand status, providing global, innovative solutions for travel that have real style and design appeal."

To help lead the company's re-launch and creative revitalization, Bottoli named leading accessories designer Mackay as Samsonite's new Global Creative Director, having previously served as sole designer for the English luxury handbag brand Tanner Krolle . As the creative force behind Samsonite, Mackay's unique design perspective stems from his wealth of experience within the fashion and leather goods industries.

"My vision," says Mackay, "is to launch collections and products that build on Samsonite's technical expertise, trust, quality and functionality with more contemporary and fashion-forward aesthetics. We want to begin to emotionally engage the traveler with their travel pieces throughout use, making the items stylish and seasonal, to complement ever-changing trends and consumer tastes."

Early travel was once reserved for only an exclusive few, those who had the means to see the world. Given this exclusiveness, travel was a high quality experience - from the transportation, to the attention to service, to even the accessories used to carry one's belongings. As one of the original brands in travel, Samsonite has continued to leverage its craftsmanship and heritage as an innovator, to create unique solutions for the sophisticated traveler. This rich brand history continues to create timeless, premium pieces under the special black label line. By identifying trends and interpreting travelers' needs, Samsonite continues to infuse luxury into the sophisticated and special experience of the past.

Travelers today want a more personal and individual ized experience, opting for trips that are more unique and exclusive, and even carrying travel accessories that express 'who they are'. Samsonite is reconnecting with consumers on a number of these emotional ly driven considerations, to help defin e a sense of individuality and create a more enhanced travel experience. Samsonite's black label brand engages the emotions and senses with beautifully designed interiors, rich materials and luxurious details.

"The Samsonite brand is about innovation, passion, history and people. This is a very dynamic time for the brand," says Bottoli. "Samsonite's new tagline - 'Life's a Journey' - embodies the brand's transformation and future, symbolizing the role Samsonite has in the multi-faceted lives of travelers."

Samsonite will launch four new collections this year under its premium black label and core lines developed under Bottoli's leadership and Mackay's creative direction:

•  Pro-DLX TM - "Business Essentials" for globe-trekking business executives, this line offers mobile professional travel solutions.

•  Marc Newson "Scope TM" - Modern, bold-colored "un-luggage" created by celebrated designer Marc Newson merges function with stylish form.

•  X'Lite TM - Featuring new CURV Ò composite materials, this line is the lightest, strongest Samsonite ever, blending a unique material technology with sexy, sleek lines.

•  Vintage - Glamorous, luxurious and romantic, this indulgent line transports the traveler back to the 1930s and 40s.

In a recent Samsonite study, travelers-tired of seeing the same black, faceless bags revolving around airport baggage carousels-expressed their desire for individuality and personality in their luggage. These sophisticated travelers crave luggag e that is as diverse and individual as they are. Samsonite rose to the challenge and has created its unique, fashionable Black Label collections, making luggage a lifestyle choice.

The new Samsonite black label collections will be available worldwide this Fall in 2005.

About Samsonite Black Label
Black label is Samsonite's premium line for the travel connoisseur. This exclusive Samsonite line typifies affluence, with refined style and craftsmanship that define individuality.

About Samsonite

Samsonite is the worldwide leader in travel solutions, combining notable style with the latest design technology and the utmost attention to quality and durability. Utilizing top designer expertise from around the globe, Samsonite creates unparalleled products that fulfill the travel and lifestyle needs of the sophisticated traveler. For 95 years, Samsonite has continued to build upon its rich design heritage. Samsonite. Life's a Journey.

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